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SMS server on your android device

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Now you can easily send SMS notification and bulk SMS to your customers using your smartphone and your telephone plan,without other costs and without external gateways.

Your SMS server

... all you need to know about this service

This application was designed to give everyone the ability to create their own SMS server, available in any language. The goal was to create a portable SMS server at low cost, that`s why we chose an Android app.
With this application you can turn your device, with one click, into a SMS Server.
The possibilities of use are unlimited
(integration and automation of SMS commands with WooCommerce , Magento , or any other platform through the API offered.)
The perfect SMS solution for your business!

  • WooCommerce

    Send easy sms to your WooCommerce customers.

    You can configure when and what SMS to send to clients. (eg Choose "New Order" and the customer will receive your predefined message instantly)

  • Easily send SMS to your WooCommerce customers.

    SMS will be send to customer when his order reach the status that you configure (ie : If you choose “Processing Order” a SMS will be sent when the order is processing)

  • SMS Server API

    SMS Server can be associated with your site either through the offered API or directly through the platform used by the site, communicating directly with the SMS Server application installed on the smartphone you want to use for sending sms.

  • Scheduled sending

    SMSs can be programmed (date, time) or priority queue (immediate referral) Install the SMS Server server application, configure your site API or platform and have your own sms server ready for use.



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