Register & Login

Sign up for free and test the SMS application for 14 days

To continue with the next step, log in to your account is required.

Create a project, select it and see the Secret and API key

Once logged in and logged in the administration panel you can create a project by accessing the button in the top bar "Create project"

In the top bar is the dropdown button with the name of the project that allows you to change the project you are currently viewing / editing.

Within the same button there is the option at the bottom "View All" where you can modify / deactivate / delete projects

In order to connect the application to the server from the menu we have to choose "Project settings-> Key & Secret" and scan the QR image or enter the data related to the project manual in the application.

To add predefined SMS, select the "Project settings -> predefined SMS" option from the menu.

You can send predefined SMS messages such as woocommerce / magento commands and related information from the application.

You can add or modify predefined SMS with the option to select the text and retrieve the information of that SMS (eg "Total" - picks up the total of the order), you can select the platform that receives the data from the API. (eg Woocommerce, Magento, API ...)

Send standard SMS instantly or at the chosen time using the form on the left menu "Send SMS"

Inside the ACP (main page or wallet page) you may find the online payment button for charging your account (PayPal, VISA, MasterCard).

The online payment will transfer into your account the choosen amount.
After this step you will be able to recharge your project with the amount you desire.