Install plugin Woocommerce

To connect with Woocommerce, SMS Server uses Woocommerce`s "WebHooks" system to help integrate third-party applications into your applications.

Webhook is an event triggered by Woocommerce that notifies SMS Server that a new order has been placed, a new user registered, etc.

To set up the SMS service for Woocommerce, follow the steps below.

In WordPress administration, select Woocommerce -> Settings -> API -> Webhooks -> Adauga Webhook


Name: Webhook name relevant to you to identify it later.

Status: Active

Topic: Event triggering data from Woocommerce to SMS Server. See the list of SMS Server supported events

Delivery URL:httpss://appsmsserver.com/index.php/webhooks/sms/proiect_idul_dvs_aici

Secret: The API Key associated with your account. This can be found in the administration panel -> Projects -> Key & Secret API, at the KEY API paragraph.

API Version: Default value

In the admin panel, you need to configure predefined SMS for Woocommerce (ACP -> Project Settings -> Predefined SMS).

In order to send SMS to your Woocommerce clients, you must create a predefined SMS for the Woocommerce event (Topic).

To customize the SMS for each client in your SMS editor, you have a few buttons that will help you in doing so (Ex: The "Currency" button, which places the text [currency], will display the currency in which the client your order placed).

In this case, the "Platform" field must be "Woocommerce".

The "Type" field, the "Topic" correspondent in Woocommerce, represents the event for which SMS Server will send the message to the client. .

To test the application, simply send a simple order and enter your phone number on the customer`s phone. If the SMS does not reach the inserted number, it means that the settings above for Woocommerce are wrongly configured or the application on the device is not set to run on that project or is not started.

Event name Explanation
Event name Explanation
New order New order
Updated Order The event triggers when the user updates an existing command